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By selecting the appropriate model, configurator will automatically set the Connectivity type and Operating system options in the options bellow.
Depending on the configuration, this notebook may be equipped either USB-C, or ThunderboltTM 3 port.
Please select the appropriate port.
?Select the port(s) on the host notebook, tablet, PC or smartphone, to which you would like to connect your i-tec product.Connectivity type
?Select the operating system of the host device (notebook, tablet, PC, smartphone).Operating system
i-tec Product
?Select the appropriate hard-drive (or solid-state drive) size.Driver sizes
?Select the appropriate hard-drive (or solid-state drive) type.Driver type
?If a RAID or Cloning feature is required, select the appropriate option.Raid and data cloning
?This option defines a product with a power jack. Please note, this does not necessarily mean that a power adapter is included - see product details for more information.DC Power Adapter/Jack
?Selecting this option will display products with an aluminium housing.Metal (Aluminium) housing
Beschrijving van het product
Ondersteunde poorten (op het gehoste apparaat)
Ondersteunde BS’s
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