i-tec PCI-Express Card 2x Serial RS232


The PCI Express card extends your PC by 2 COM ports. The card offers an RS232 output for connecting the I/O devices such as an external modem, a GSM modem, a serial port printer, a barcode reader, etc. The card is also supplied with two “low profile” blind caps for possible installation in a low-level computer case (2 positions).

In case of installation problems, technical issues or improper functionality of the device, first check the possible solution in the FAQ tab.

Long product description: PCI Express card with two RS232 serial ports, MOSCHIP MCS9901 chip, transfer rate up to 1.5-Mb / sec

EU: 8595611702808

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  • PCI Express Specification 1.0a
  • 2x RS232 serial connector type DB9 (Male)
  • “Low profile brackets”
  • Support for all UART types from 450 to 550 (fully programmable)
  • Data transfer speed up to 230400 bps
  • The FIFO receiver/transmitter works with the data size up to 256 bytes
  • Chipset Moschip MCS9901
  • Operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X, Linux, DOS
  • Product dimensions 180 x 65 x 19 mm
  • Product weight 51 g
  • Package dimensions 185 x 133 x 34 mm
  • Package weight 158 g


System requirements

  • Hardware requirements: Pentium compatible PC with a free PCIe slot
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X, Linux, DOS

Package contents

  • 1x PCIe to 2S adapter
  • 2x "Low profile brackets"
  • Manual


Question: The connected device disconnects or does not work correctly.
Answer: Make sure that the MOLEX connector of your PC’s power supply is connected into the PCIe card power connector.


Question: The card does nothing, what should I do?
 Make sure that you have the drivers installed. The drivers can be downloaded from the Download tab.

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